Ny way to un-nock arrows


When letting go of L2, Aloy un-nocks her loaded arrow. However, if you've unlocked the Double or Triple Shot skills, you are able to load 2 or 3 arrows onto your bow, respectively, by pressing R1. These arrows stay set so that the next time you fire your bow, you'll fire 2 or 3 arrows at once. This is usually helpful, but I just wasted 3 arrows firing at a fox roughly 10 minutes after my last combat encounter, due to having loaded extra arrows during that time.

I'm not sure how to remove these arrows so that you'll only fire 1 arrow the next time, once you've loaded a second or third arrow. Is it possible to do this?

Best Answer

I just checked based on the suggestions in the comments. I can confirm that changing arrow types after nocking multiple arrows will cause the old type of nocked arrows to be unloaded and the new type to have a single arrow loaded. Switching back to the first type of arrow will cause Aloy to only have a single arrow loaded.

However, interestingly enough, unequipping the bow entirely then re-equipping it will result in the same number of arrows being nocked before and after the fact...