Permanently enable Camera Mode


Camera Mode is a new option in the Saints Row series that I'd like to have always on. Sometimes I run across something that happens quickly that I'd love to get a screencap of, but then I find that the Camera Mode has been disabled again.

I never manually disable Camera Mode. It seems to turn off automatically, and I can't really figure out the pattern of why it does. Is there any way to permanently enable Camera Mode so I don't have to keep going to my phone in game and turning it on again?

I'm playing the Xbox 360 version, so I have no other way to quickly and easily screencap images.

Best Answer

I can understand how frustrating this must be as my research has indicated that the game turns it off quite frequently without warning or indication. You're not alone in your question as's forum has a thread full of users with the same concerns. From the responses of the many users there and a few elsewhere, it would appear that no user has found a way to lock Camera Mode as enabled or if they have, they never shared it. From this, it seems probable that there is no way to do it on console. PC versions with modding might be able to find a way around the problem, but for the XBOX 360 version, it would seem you're out of luck.

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