Pixel Poro – What do the gems / hearts do


Riot has released Pixel Poro, a minigame with pong-like mechanics to coincide with Braum's release.

On some points a red poro flys briefly across the screen, like this:
Red Poro

If you can get the white poro to pass through the red poro, you get a gem/heart:
Poro Heart

The interface looks like it accommodates 3 gems, but I can't get more than one. Getting a single gem doesn't appear to influence the game. What is the point of the gems? Does something special happen if you get 3?

Best Answer

As far as I can tell, they are not hearts; they are gems. I played a 2P game to get all 3 and was dissapointed when nothing happened at first.enter image description here

Then I won the game with Braum and pressed Menu and went back to 1P mode and was suprised to face off against Taric in the next battle.enter image description here Unfortunately if you lose you have to fight Leona again. I don't know what happens if you get all 3 gems while fighting Taric.