Player constantly spinning when pressing Caps Lock


I've just purchased Battlefield 4. I spent half a day configuring my controls and fine-tuning everything. For some annoying reason whenever I hit Caps Lock, my character spins vastly and I can't stop it.

I don't have anything plugged to my laptop except for the mouse, headset and internet.

I can resolve this issue by ALT-tabbing out and in the game, but the problem keeps coming back.

Any idea how this can be prevented or solved? It's really annoying, especially since I use Shift a lot and sometimes accidently hit Caps.

I would even accept it if for the time playing, it would be possible to disable caps.

Best Answer

First, check your ease of access settings in control panel, and make sure it matches this picture.

Look at the image link I posted and make sure yours matches it's settings.

Control Panel >> Easy of Access Center >> Make the Keyboard easier to use`

Uncheck everything.

One more thing you can try. Go to your Documents Folder > Battlefield 4 > Settings and rename the file called PROFSAVE_profile to PROFSAVE_profile.old

Restart your PC and start the game back up. It might be necessary to run the Repair Game option in Origin, but I doubt it.