Ps3 – My PS3 won’t stay turned on


I just tried to turn on my PS3 and for some reason when I turned it on, it automatically turns back off, I have tried to turn it on 4 times now and it is doing the same thing.

Note: while I was playing Black Ops 2, the map "Hijacked" was loading and it just completely froze while it was loading.

Best Answer

You could try the procedure found on this page. Repeating the instructions here:

Hold down the power button until the PS3 turns off. Then hold the button down while it turns on. Hold it while you hear a first beep, a second beep, and a third beep. That will cause it to power off again.

Then hold the power button again through two single beeps and finally release it after a double beep. This will give a menu of safe mode options, some of which may help you resolve the issue. You'll need a USB attached controller to use, and some options may erase the data stored on the hard drive.