Ps3 – Regional differences in Borderlands 2


General question: Are there any differences in Borderlands 2, based on the game's region code?

Specific case: I received a game coded for Region 3, but I live in the U.S.. Are there any significant differences I should expect between this game and the game that is made for the U.S.?

I have been able to run the game, and everything appears to be in English so far. So, I suppose my primary concern is about any content differences – is there anything that was censored for Region 3 or, to my benefit instead, anything that was unlocked for it as opposed to the U.S. version?

Best Answer

While the game itself may be the same as the one available on your region, you should know that DLC from the American PSN store will not work with your copy of the games. If you wish to download DLC for your game, you'll need to download it from the game region's store.