Red-Dead-Redemption: Is there anyway to “win” the side “trap” missions


In RDR as I roam around the country I often come across mini-side mission like recapturing a stolen horse or fending off a stagecoach robbery. However, there is one "mission" type that I'm not sure how to handle.

Usually it is some sad-sack injured person or some woman calling out to me for help. That person or their cohorts then ambush me and either try to kill me or steal my horse. These trap missions are starting to become familiar enough that I can spot them a mile off.

The question is, as asked by Joshua in War Games, is the only way to win not to play? That is, should I just steer clear of these trap-missions or is there some advantage to springing them and inevitably winding up in a shootout? Or perhaps there is another option for dealing with these that I haven't considered?

Best Answer

I think you might be over-thinking this a bit. When I come across these missions I just go into Dead Eye mode and fight. Generally with Dead Eye enabled the fight is over pretty quickly with me as the victor.

The reward from them is the same as any of the random missions... increase in Fame and an increase in Honor. If you don't want or need either, then continue avoiding them.