Relationship between the faction quests and main quest


As I'm playing a game, I like to finish all the side quests in one region before I move to the next for the main quest. Unfortunately, this is slightly problematic in KoA. I started the main quest and faction quests in Dalentarth, then the main quest wanted me to move on to Detyre while the next part of the faction quest lines wanted me to go to the Plains of Erathell. So it looks like this, very back and forth:

enter image description here

It's starting to get a bit confusing because I find myself region hopping a lot. So I have a few questions:

Is there a certain order in which I should complete quests?

Is there a convenient way to complete tasks between these quest lines (instead of just region hopping between faction and main quests)?

Do the faction and main quest lines ever coexist in the same region again?

Best Answer

There actually are different quest lines that somewhat follow others (I haven't played in a few months so I can't remember exactly which ones follow which). I did the main quest line and once I was supposed to switch regions (Faelands to Detyre, for example), I did the factions quest lines up until it wanted me to go to another area.

So just do the quests in the region you are in, and once you have to switch, you have all the quests you want in that area versus having to travel all around the map to finish one then move on to another.