Removing Legendary Skill Ranks in Skyrim


So I'm running SkyRE, and one of the known bugs is that the Longbow's Overdraw perk will break occasionally when adding a new perk to the Longbow tree.

The fix is to Legendary the Marksman skill, then use player.setav <skillName> <skillLvl> to reset the skill to it's previous level. Then re-add all the perks.

This works fine, and seems to be the only fix available. However, it's left me with several legendary skill ranks that I haven't earned. I've looked around for a console command to erase Legendary levels to no avail.

Anyone else have a solution to reset the Legendary count to 0?

Best Answer

I'm not aware of any way to do this in the console, but SKSE does expose a scripting API for adding and removing legendary levels, if you're willing to get your hands dirty writing your own mod. You could do something like the following in a Papyrus script:


(This cannot be typed at the console; it has to be compiled into a Papyrus script and then executed by the game's scripting engine. Also, it requires a reasonably recent version of SKSE - if for some strange reason you must use an older version, use the deprecated Game.SetSkillLegendaryLevel() instead.)