Silent Hill 3 Puzzle Unsolvable


I'm currently playing Silent Hill 3 on PS2 in normal difficulty and get stuck in a puzzle. The level is Dark Shopping Mall. I have to get rid of some flying bugs with poisonous chloride gas, which I have to mix with bleach and detergent. The problem is I didn't take the bleach in the women' bathroom early on and now I cannot return there. It is the room with the ladder from ceiling where the door won't open.

Best Answer

The return to the bathroom in which the bleach is located is in fact possible. After you jump in the room with the ladder from ceiling there is a door in front of you. This door is locked so you must go in the opposite direction. It is hard to spot but there is the door from which you went in to the room earlier. The game will not respawn new monsters so you can walk safely. Search for the bathroom and the bleach is there. There is another bathroom 2 floors above that one which looks more or less the same, but going there is pointless except for hiding from monsters