Skyrim Falling Death Loop


Recently I was playing my level 55 character with 155 hours and I fell off of High Hrothgar. It autosaved 3 times while falling erasing any safe point I could back to and not lose 40+ hours and 5 levels.

How do I prevent my death while falling no starting point and just dying within 1 second of game loading?

I am wearing a full set of Nightingale Armor (Flawless) and some jewelry that helps with my magic (mage character) I'm a wood elf. I only have 2 elixirs of health and 1 health regeneration potion. Lots of ultimate healing potions. I want to continue this character without losing my 40 hours of gameplay.

I am on PS3, I have no Internet whatsoever. I do not need answers saying activate God Mode because I physically cant.

Best Answer

If you don't have the Become Ethereal shout, you're probably out of luck. You shouldn't be able to save while falling so your save should start with you on a solid platform and then falling - just try to shout before you fall. Also, if you happen to have netch jelly from the Dawnguard DLC, consuming that will cause paralysis. When you fall while paralysed you'll bounce harmlessly off the ground regardless of height.

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