Star Wars Battlefront II Co-op


My room mate and I want to play through Star Wars Battlefront II's story campaign together on the PC. Is this possible via mods or download maps? The game supports Co-op on Xbox and PS2, but there is only fleeting mentions of co-op possibilities on Google for PC.

Best Answer

you can use console commands to add maps to multiplayer but, I think they only work on dedicated servers. They play in reverse order. Here's what you will have type:

  1. /addmap hot1g_c
  2. /addmap yav1g_c
  3. /addmap spa1g_c
  4. /addmap tan1g_c
  5. /addmap pol1g_c
  6. /addmap dea1g_c (Bugs Online)
  7. /addmap kam1c_c (Players Cannot Join)
  8. /addmap mus1c_c (Auto Kick Bug)
  9. /addmap spa4g_c (Bugs Online)
  10. /addmap nab2g_c
  11. /addmap cor1c_c
  12. /addmap uta1c_c
  13. /addmap kas2c_c
  14. /addmap spa3c_c
  15. /addmap fel1c_c
  16. /addmap myg1c_c (Bugs Online)
  17. /addmap geo1c_c