Starcraft – Heart of the Swarm Leveling


Is there an efficient and fast way to push my Race level in Heart of the swarm?

And does someone know how much time is needed to get every race to 30?

Best Answer

The most effective way to level is to always do games that gives you exactly 50k XP points since you only get a fraction of the total XP you should get once you pass the 50k XP in a game (you get 67% less IIRC).

You can also try to cheese your way through since when you finish a game extremely fast, you get bonus XP for the game length.

Other than that, it's all about how good you play. The better your macro becomes, the more units you'll be able to pump out and the more XP you'll get. The better your micro will be and the more XP you'll get for killing units.

This guy here explain pretty well how the game length bonus works: What is the game length bonus?

XP charts for levels XP charts for levels