Steam – Any way to limit Steam Server Search results


Basically I am having the same problem as described in this thread .

My connection drops every time I want to search servers in the "Internet" tab but fine if I view servers in "History" or "Favorites" tabs.

Unfortunately my router may also suffer from the overflow problem (not sure how to check) and updating firmware/open ports doesn't help (buggy router known for having port forwarding problems)

So is there any way I could limit the amount of servers the steam client retrieve to prevent the overflow problem?

Best Answer

In Steam, go to the menu on the top left and look for the settings menu entry.

Within the new window that pops up, look for in-game.

You will see this:

in-game settings screenshot

On this screen you can define how often Steam is pinging servers when looking them up. A slightly lower value might improve your experience drastically, as mentioned on the screenshot.

However, this only works for games that utilize either the source engine or the Steamworks infrastructure for their servers. It won't work for other games.