Steam – Does playing a third-party game prevent Steam Family Sharing


Yes, playing a non-sharable game locks me out from Family Sharing. However, does playing a third-party game which only has an icon in Steam lock me out from family sharing? I have to register it because I have to play it with a Steam Controller.

The answer linked earlier seems to say otherwise, but I need a clear answer.

Best Answer

From my experience, it doesn't: I also have Overwatch and other Blizzard games on my main Steam account, while I have Dark Souls III shared with a second account (In order to fix the covenant bug). Since Steam counts Blizzard Games as being "played" while the client is open, and I've played Dark Souls III during that time, I would assume there are no limitations.

This is probably due to the fact that Steam only creates a shortcut to launch the game, instead of having an steamapp entry for it (Like you would have a shortcut on your desktop).