Steam Family Sharing; Must I install the games again for each account


I have a younger brother. His Library consists of four games. Mine is 50+. I don't want to leave him logged into my Steam Account, so Family Sharing is a great boon. However, upon authorizing the computer and his profile, his Library insists that he needs to re-install all of the games into his Steam folder. Is there a way to avoid this? I've already eaten up more than half of the drive's space- there's no way he can install all of them.

Best Answer

If both accounts are using the same computer, you just need to point Steam to your steamapps folder location.

  1. Click to install one of the games
  2. When it comes up on the first window with location, make sure you choose to select New from drop down menu.
  3. Navigate to where your folder is located.
  4. Steam will recognise the game folders within and use them for your brother to play.

This will not work if he has his own computer, so he will have to install them on his own computer if he wants to play them there.