Steam – Issue with a Steam version of Morrowind


First time here. I've recently been having issues wherein Steam tells me Morrowind is still running, even when it isn't. I've checked Task Manager and Morrowind doesn't show in the "Processes" tab, I also tried running it from the Morrowind launcher itself as ad admin, and it tells me that InstallShield Engine's iKernal executable's class couldn't be found. Some assistance would be appreciated.

Best Answer

Try adding the Morrowind executables as exceptions to your anti-virus software (and firewall).

Cross-referencing both issues (Steam thinking the game is still running and the InstallShield Engine iKernal (unregistered) class problem) that approach is what they have in common.

Steam having this particular problem with Morrowind seems to be more common, and a search for the InstallShield message yielded this result.

Another option is to run Morrowind using Windows XP compatibility.