Steam – Skyrim – Crashed Hard disk lost all local saves, steam cloud backed up nothing


I've put many hours into skyrim but recently lost all my local save game files in my documents etc, to a Hard Drive crash.

I reinstalled Skyrim hoping that steam cloud had something I could salvage from in the cloud saves, but there is nothing at all.

Anyone have any idea why this would happen?

I've checked after re-installing steam and cloud save feature is enabled . Library > right click Skyrim > properties > Updates > enable cloud save.

I'm nearly positive Cloud Save would have been previously enabled because all my other games are using cloud save and I've never disabled this feature.

Btw – i know i know, i should have backed up my Documents via Drop box etc. actually this happened as a result of installing windows 8… It managed to corrupt my backup external Harddisk… don't ask! I tried recovery software this and that nothing worked : ( I lost a tonne of stuff…

Best Answer

If you took enough of a break from Skyrim before losing the saves, they won't have been backed up in Steam Cloud. Skyrim didn't have Cloud support at launch, only adding it in one of the later updates – about the time that Steam Workshop support was added.