Steam – Streaming game to laptop while gaming on other screen


My laptop is very weak and I want to run a game on my gaming pc and stream it to my laptop. This can be made with steam remote play or just with parsec.


I want to play on the same pc at the same time. Running both games at once is no problem, but how can I stream one game to my laptop and control it with a controller while having focus on the other game and play with mouse and keyboard?

I tried to open one game at my second monitor and stream the second monitor via parsec to my laptop and control it via controller.
That doesn't work because the game can't see the controller and also all the sounds are transmitted to the laptop.

trying the same but with steam remote play results in seeing the game, that is running on the foreground on my laptop.

I also tried to set up a VM and running steam there but I cant even start the game because VM ware doesn't support dx11. (Unreal engine says "dx11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine")

How can I achieve this? I mean everything should be possible with a pc.

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