Steam – way to calculate how much Harddrive Space is needed for one’s entire Steam Library?

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With the PC build I am planning, I want to have a dedicated Hard drive for Steam. While I could just get the biggest Hard drive possible, I need to work out how much space I'll need at the very least for my current library (to see what my options are).

While I could just select every game in my library and download them all I already have some games installed currently which I keep installed for updates (ie. Terraria, Starbound) and to be honest I don't want to be uninstalling these only to have to re-download them (as my internet isn't all that fast)

I also have ~>300 games + DLC and while there is a System Requirement (Storage) on Games and DLC I believe that it only gives me the space requirement for the base game and not the DLC (ie. Megadimension Neptunia VII and one of it's DLC, the Weapons Pack, both say it takes 17 GB)

So is there a way to calculate how much Harddrive Space is needed for one's entire Steam Library (including DLC) without uninstalling it all?

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Try the Website

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