Terraria: Will the Warrior, Avenger, Destroyer’s Emblems and the Mechanical and Fire Gauntlets all stack


I was browsing the wiki and I had the thought of making a melee beast with these items, but considering I'd need to farm the heck out of the Wall of Flesh for all of this at the very least I figured I'd ask before I invest the effort in something that might not work.

  • Warrior Emblem: +15% melee dmg
  • Avenger Emblem: +12% all dmg
  • Destroyer Emblem: +10% all dmg, +8% crit chance
  • Mechanical Glove: +12% melee dmg and melee spd
  • Fire Gauntlet: +9% melee dmg and melee spd, On Fire! debuff (PvE only), increased KB

By my math, using a melee damage weapon you'd be sporting a whopping +58% melee dmg as well as +8% crit chance, +21% melee spd, +22% ranged/magic dmg, On Fire!, increased KB, and glowing weapons.

I'm sure by endgame there are much better setups to have, or depending on the circumstances you might need certain accessories more than one or more of the ones above but holy crap. With good armor and a good weapon (maybe one with a ranged effect as well, possibly good Hardmode boomerang weapons or something like the Horseman's Blade or True Night's Edge/Terra Blade or similar weapons) this could turn you into one melee beast.

Note: I play on the 360 right now but I'm going to be getting the PC version soon (I hope) hence using both tags as I would be interested in answers for both if they are different for some reason.

Best Answer

(The following info pertains to the PC version, though it may also pertain to the console version as well.)

The Warrior Emblem, Avenger Emblem, and Destroyer Emblem absolutely stack (quote taken from the Destroyer Emblem wiki page):

Note that the Destroyer Emblem, Avenger Emblem, and Warrior/Ranger/Sorcerer Emblem all can be equipped simultaneously for a stacking damage bonus.

These also stack with the fire gauntlet and mechanical glove. However, consider using the Celestial Stone in place of the mechanical glove, as several of the end-game class setups for melee builds use this accessory combination for maximum damage.

By the way, if you get the Menacing modifier on each accessory, it's an additional 4% damage per item! Combined with a Terra-Blade, you can rack up some ridiculous damage per hit.