The effect of using Electrical Boxes / Fuseboxes in Cyberpunk 2077


In Cyberpunk 2077, in enemy territories there are fuseboxes or electrical boxes at walls. I check the criteria to use them but once I do, I don't understand their effect.

What effect has using the Fusebox?

Best Answer

All fuse boxes can be quick hacked to cause a localised distraction (which will attract the attention of nearby enemies) or initiate an overload (which will cause a small localised explosion damaging nearby enemies).

Using your technical ability on a fuse box (when available) will temporarily disable all cameras on the local network. Both quick hacking and using your technical ability on a fuse box will give you experience.

In addition to this, a small number of fuse boxes can be interacted with as part of missions (such as the fuse box to enable power during the Ghost Town mission) and several others (for example at the back of Clouds) can be interacted with using the technical ability.