The meaning of nature “PKRS”


I made some trades in my pokemon, and some legendary pokemon came whith this "PKRS" beside his nature.

Can someone explain what is it ?

Best Answer

I think what you're referring to is "Pokerus", and it has a purple "PKRS" next to the nature of the pokemon.

Pokerus causes the infected Pokemon to gain twice as many "Effort Values" (EVs) as normal, even after the duration of the infection.

This causes it to become stronger more quickly than other pokemon.

Pokerus can't be cured in any way, and any one pokemon can only have pokerus once, after which it will be immune.

Pokerus is a transmittable disease, which can be transmitted to any other pokemon that has not had the disease before, and is directly next to a pokemon that currently has the disease in the party.