The quickest way to level up skills required to upgrade the Hideout


In Patch 12.2, with the recent change to skills leveling, it's been challenging trying to meet the requirements to upgrade the Hideout.

What would be some of the quickest ways to do so?

Skills in Question:

  • Strength (Level 3) for Vents (Level 3)
  • Metabolism (Level 3) for Nutrition Unit (Level 3)
  • Vitality (Level 3) for Medstation (Level 3)
  • Health (Level 2) for Medstation (Level 2)
  • Memory (Level 8) for Library
  • Attention (Level 3) for Intelligence Center (Level 2)

Best Answer

Just to make short summary without needs to visit wiki:

  1. Strength was hardest for non-abusing play style and is a serious showstopper. You have to grab AND throw as many grenades you can buy or find in raid. Also, already standing on the exit area hit your teammates with melee weapon in legs and arms to not kill, but just deal some damage. Use RDG (smoke) and Zarya (flash) each raid as they are cheapest.
  2. Metabolism and Nutrition - eat all you find in raid and cannot put in your safe pouch, except most expensive food items. Not a problem.
  3. Vitality and Health will be of necessary level if you play game and not spend all time on Flea market.
  4. Memory and Attention - not a problem, will be much higher if you play game and not buying your way through.

Strength + Vitality Levelling Combo

This was my method I (Camouflaged Cow) used to help level up both Strength and Vitality.

  1. Bring a lot of grenades into the raid (to level strength). Make sure to bring one fragmentation grenade.

  2. Save one fragmentation grenade to commit suicide with.

  3. Throw all of your grenades except one at a safe distance.

  4. Throw a grenade at your feet and suicide. Each death by grenade helps level Vitality by 1-1.5 points.

  5. Rinse and repeat.

Metabolism Levelling

This was my method I (Camouflaged Cow) used to help level up my Metabolism.

  1. Get several jars of DevilDog Mayo and a couple of Aquamari bottles.

  2. Get into a raid and eat the DevilDog Mayo to bring your hydration all the way down.

  3. Drink about 50 of the Aquamari for each jar of DevilDog Mayo.

  4. Rinse and repeat.