Using a PS3 controller in the PC version of Far Cry 3


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Can I use my PS3 controller on a PC?

I have recently bought Far Cry 3 for the PC but I can't play well with the keyboard. I have a PS3 controller, so I decided to try using it with MotioninJoy's Ds3 Tool.

The problem is that the game doesn't let me play with it. Far Cry 3 has the option in the settings to use a gamepad, but it doesn't seem to pick up the PS3 controller.

Do I need to do something else? Or is it not possible to play with a PS3 controller?

Best Answer

You can play it with a ps3 controller, you just need some special drivers.

You can save yourself the headache and get a Logitech F-510 for F-310 (same pad, but no rumble) which is XInput compatible and looks/feels like a PS3 Controller. Any other XInput compatible GamePad works the same way.

XInput compatible means you can play all games which claim "XBOX Support" without hassle.