Vampire and Werewolf at the same time, cannot remove


I'm an argonian and and a werewolf so I should have 150% resistance to disease, but somehow, suddenly, my screen keeps turning red every five seconds telling me that my vampiric powers recede as I feed. I check my effects menu and I maintain the traits or a level 1 vampire. I may have gotten caught in Serana's vampire spell, but now I'm a vampire and cannot seem to get rid of it. I looked up console command and used it, but to no effect. I still possess the beast form power. I've attempted to activate beast form, but that did nothing, my character's eyes have not changed color, and nobody says anything about it. I tried talking to inn keepers and the dawnguard, but nothing is activating the quest for a cure, nor does talking to Falion. I really do not want to be a vampire.

Best Answer

You can try the following console command:

player.removespell 000b8780

Source: this youtube video. If the command itself does not work, try to look at the links in the video description.

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