Way to restore a save file


I was attempting to complete the new game type added, and I lost. So, to make sure I did not have to re-do the first 4 levels, I went to go force-stop the game (which resets to last save, so before I lost), but my finger slipped, and I un-installed the game. After re-installing it, I realized I had lost all 70 of my levels and all of my upgrades. Is there a way to get my save back?

I am playing on Android through Google Play, so I was expecting it to save my data.

Best Answer

Unless you saved your data to the cloud, there is no way of restoring your levels. There is only a "restore purchases".

The only other thing you could do is login to a saved NinjaKiwi profile or Kongregate profile that would load as your main profile if you had been using it previously.