Way to run Cossacks Back To War on Windows 8.1 without virtual machine? (mouse problem)


I have the mouse problem which has become famous under Cossacks players who play in Windows Vista or up. This problem is that I can't move the mouse within the game. I tried everything available on the internet:

  • 2 patches

  • set my compatibility settings to all versions from XP down to 95

  • tried reducing my screen resolution.

Is there another way to do it? I don't want to set up a virtual box because it is very technical work which I don't want to try. Anybody know how to solve this?

Best Answer

Download Cossacks Anthology [GOG] and it works fine. I am using with Windows 8.1. If that doesn't help download this patch http://www.gsc-game.com/index.php?t=downloads&ss=299&s=patch and follow the instructions inside.