Way to specify inputs and outputs for structures


If you look at the screenshot below, you can see one of my oil refineries.

I want to know if it is possible to switch which output say petroleum gas uses. Currently it uses the top right of the refinery to exit. I would rather is be on the left, as my chemical plant that uses the petroleum to make plastic is over that way. I have to make a more complex configuration of my oil field because of the petroleum.

I also know that in the future, advanced oil processing makes it so that a refinery uses water and crude oil. Is it possible to switch the inputs as well?

Oil Refinery

Best Answer

Not in vanilla, afaik. You've got to work around the set inputs. Hopefully this changes at some point, but for now, there's nothing you can do besides modding the game.

And speaking of modding, I believe this mod will do what you want for inputs at least http://www.factoriomods.com/mods/gdiw-gha-darnitwater