What are crowns


I've seen the text [RUSH CROWN] and others in the lower right corner of screenshots from Nuclear Throne. What does this mean and is it something I want?

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Crowns are secretly located game modifiers, found in hidden Crown Vaults. In order to access a Crown Vault you need to destroy a fully charged Proto Statue, this will spawn a portal to the Crown Vault. Right now, after picking up a crown, you get to choose one crown effect out of a list of all of the crowns (this may change). You can also choose to not take a crown at all. Crowns only last for your current run and disappear after restarting which also might be changed.

There are 12 crowns:

  • Crown of Life - Enemies no longer drop medkits

  • Crown of Haste - Pickups fade faster, worth more

  • Crown of Risk - More pickups at full health, fewer pickups when damaged

  • Crown of Guns - Enemies drop guns instead of ammo

  • Crown of Destiny - Immediately get a random mutation, all future mutations also random

  • Crown of Curses - More cursed chests

  • Crown of Hatred - Chests give rads and deal damage

  • Crown of Blood - More enemies, fewer rads

  • Crown of Love - Weapon chests and rad canisters become ammo chests

  • Crown of Luck - Start each level with 1 hp, some enemies will have 1 hp

  • Crown of Death - More explosions, lose 1 max hp

  • Crown of Protection - Walking over weapons gives hp instead of ammo

A full list of the benefits each crown gives can be found here.

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