What are the rules on switching leaders


I have a couple of closely related questions, which I'll combine into this one post.

  1. How can you switch leaders? Do you have to kill/exile your current leader, or is there another way? If I switch maps, does my leader reset?

  2. If I build a leadership building, and then switch to a new leader type, does my leadership building go away? Or can I have multiple leadership buildings?

Best Answer

For question 1:

  • You can't actually switch leaders, your current leader must be disposed of by either exiling or death before a new leader can be chosen.
  • Switching maps does not reset your leadership position in your community but does reset the legacy missions I believe.

For question 2:

  • You keep the leader facility and all its functionalities. This means that if you have multiple different leaders in 1 playthrough, you could acquire multiple leader facilities if you have enough big slots and do not destroy it or move to a new base.

The effect of removing a leader from his or her position is surprising, because the leader is a requirement for the building, just like water, power or knowledge of a specific skill. Usually, when one of your survivors with a certain knowledge is removed from the group, any facilities that depended on its knowledge will no longer have all actions available anymore or won't provide all passive effects anymore. So I'm unsure if the current effect is as planned or a bug at the moment. Only future patches will reveal this.