What are the weak points of Abbadon Crusher mutants in Rage 2


What are the weak points of the Abadon mutants scattered around the world of Rage?

Best Answer

Abbadon Crusher mutants are all unique bosses with different weak spots.

This list is sourced from GamesHedge

  • Lug the Nut’s weak point is the head

  • Smeggle The Vile’s weak point is the chest

  • Sackhead’s weak point is the back

  • Digg and Dugg don’t have a weak point - but the arena is easily accessible by vehicle making for a fair fight

  • Grull the Juggernaut’s weak point is the unarmored legs

Generic abbadon mutants can spawn in a crater south of Gunbarrel too. These don’t seem to have a weak point but can again be fought by vehicle