What constitutes a ‘Wonderful Word’


I'm playing 'Classic Words' on Android which recently underwent a major overhaul. One of the new features that has appeared whilst playing is the addition of a 'Wonderful Word' mechanic which allows me to share a word. In this example, I played 'JOE' on a triple-word score, earning 30 points:

'Wonderful Word' popup
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My question is, what causes the 'Wonderful word' popup? Is it

  • Using a less-known/underused word?
  • Playing over a triple-word score?
  • Scoring greater than a certain amount?
  • Something else entirely?

Best Answer

I sent a mail to the developer of the game to ask how this message is triggered. Here is what he answered about this feature:

If you score (in average, based on past stats), less than 0.3 bingos per game, a "wonderful move" is triggered whenever you score more than 30 points. Otherwise, you are considered an experienced player, and you need to score more than 50 points to trigger the pop-up.

So it seems you got the pop-up there because you scored exactly 30 points with the word 'JOE', and you have an average of bingos per game below 0.3.