What do Sponsors actually do


In Blood Bowl 2 you can upgrade your stadium, and there is an option to sign a sponsorship contract.

Each contract gives a brief rundown of the company which always includes some kind of vague negative/description of what they expect.

For example: Orcidas (probably the clearest)

The well known brand encourages friendly competition and team spiirt. Just remember that for them, a match never becomes really
friendly until the moment that everyone has lost teeth.

I assume this means I will get a bonus if I inflict a lot of casualties or something? However, there is no actual mechanical description of what you get or what you need to do.

I've had a rummage on the official forums, and all I have found are some references to "maybe they will have some kind of mini-quest thing that relates to the company".

Has anyone got some data or official word on what the actual effects are?

Best Answer

At the moment... nothing.

They are used in the solo player campaign but in the regular game they are just a cosmetic change to add flavor to your team.

They may have more functionality added in the future but it hasn't happened yet.