What do the symbols on the top of The Witcher 2’s screen mean


Ok, so I get that these are active effects that you are currently under, and the timer is straightforward and what not, but the symbol itself is nigh meaningless, and I don't know what effects I'm under…

I've installed the game vanilla through GOG, and I let the installer patch itself to 3.2 and I'm aware of an "Official UI Mod" that comes with patch 3.2, I've left it on as the default setting…

So is there like a guide or something which helps disambiguate this?

enter image description here

Best Answer

This looks like the symbol for the "Circle of Vigor" - a hexagon. It boosts your vitality regeneration for 5 minutes.

Likely you visited the Circle of Vigor in the forest outside Flotsam. The Circles all have unusual icons, but potion/oil effects typically look like the potion or oil that grants them.

I couldn't find any particular status screen that lists your effects and the symbol associated with them, sadly.