What does it mean if a Pokémon has become friendly to me


After finishing a stage, I got informed that the helper Pokémon I have been using lately is now friendly to me. What does that mean? Do I get any benefits?

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So here the altered answer, sorry I overread your tag below :/

I don't own this game by myself, but friendly pokémon are WAY stronger than unfriendly ones. To make a pokémon friendly just keep playing with them.

  • later in the game you can use Support Pokémon
  • use them over and over to make the more friendly towards you
  • this makes attacks slightly stronger and they will be more likely to appear at the later parts of a stage"


As I don't own this game, I may just send you this second source:

"Friendly Pokemon are stronger than unfriendly ones. In another topic, someone said that a 1-star friendly Pokemon was equal in strength to a 5-star unfriendly."


I hope this just became useful :D