What effects does the Compass have in ActRaiser


I've been playing a lot of old SNES games on my Android phone recently, and have currently picked ActRaiser up again. I thought I had maxed this game out as a kid but I want to replay it and make sure I never missed anything.

I just got the Compass from Bloodpool. I think I always used to give that to Marahna… but I forgot what it did. I read online people saying it should be used in Fillmore instead. Where can the Compass be used and what effects does it have? Should it be used in Marahna or Fillmore? Can it be used anywhere else, like Northwall?

Best Answer

You receive the compass in Bloodpool.

"You do not need to use the compass at Marahna in order to obtain the magic aura - dropping the tablet and hitting the bush with lightning are sufficient. Using the compass there gets you an MP." - Kenneth G. Kroenlein

Instead, use it at Fillmore to get an extra life.