What ways are there to improve the Chaos DoT of viper strike


Just what the question states. Normally, I only want to know if there are any nodes/passives that boost Chaos Damage, and whether or not it is improved by Spell Damage nodes, but might as well make it a broad question.

Best Answer

So far, the wiki doesn't list any passive to improve Chaos damage type (while there are options for physical and elemental damage). There's only a line about a notable passive, but it doesn't really increase chaos damage:

The Notable Passive Adders Touch allows you to poison enemies with Critical Strikes with Daggers. Deals chaos damage equal to 10% of the damage done by the hit per second, for 2 seconds.

There's also a conversation in the official forums entitled "Increasing Poison (Chaos) Damage?", but to be short, there are no passives mentioned: the best way remains to level up the gem.

In another chaos damage conversation, I've found this answer (given on September 7, 2012):

Added Chaos Damage support

  • +Chaos Damage uniques are improved by +attack speed
  • +X% spell damage increases chaos damage done by a spell
  • +Skill duration improves poison cloud's poison damage Adder's Touch has scaling chaos damage