What’s the difference between buying bitizens from the store and buying from the album


What's the difference between buying bitizens from the store or the album?

I've noticed that once I bought a bitizen from the store, he no longer appears in the list and I'm unable to buy him a second time. Also, buying a bitizen this way doesn't seem to unlock that species in the game, even if he does ride on the elevator.

So what is the difference of buying bitizens from the two places?

As you can see from the pics below, the prices are different too… Check out the prices of the Wookie and Ithorian from my album, and then from my store.

From the album:
enter image description here

From the store:
enter image description hereenter image description here

Best Answer

Unless it represents yet another bug in the game, I believe that purchasing from the album unlocks the species as a regular elevator passenger/resident bitizen.

I believe that when you purchase someone from the store, it not only unlocks the species, but also unlocks the ? bitizen.

Until recently, the price in the store was always the same as the album. This seems to have changed. Now the prices in the store are dropping while the album is staying the same.

But, once you have unlocked them in the album or via progression they suddenly appear for sale for 1 Bux in the store.

I think there must be a bug at work in all of this.