When can a (spell) skill be levelled


In the following screenshot I've just gained level 5, and have a skill point to spend:

character sheet

I want to max Geomancer and Pyrokinetic. Somehow (I do not know how) I achievend 2 points in Geomancer. However, I can not skill up Pyrokenitics. Why?

I've checked around the UI, but there are no tooltips explaining this at all. I've noticed blue stats on my character sheet, but found that these are increases gained from items, which is not the case for Geomancer. I don't understand why Geomancer skill can be 2, but I cannot put my available skill point in Pyrokinetic.

What are the prerequisites for levelling up a (spell) skill?

Best Answer

This is a good question with a simple answer.

In the screenshot you got 1 point in pyrokinetic so if you want to increase it to 2 you need 2 available points, to increase it to 3 you would need 3 points.

A little list:

  • lvl 1 = 1 point overall
  • lvl 2 = 3 points overall (1 for lvl 1 and 2 for lvl 2)
  • lvl 3 = 6 points overall (1 for lvl 1, 2 for lvl 2 and 3 for lvl 3)

and so on. Note that you only get 1 ability point to spend at level 2 - 5, but after that it's more per level. See this wiki page at Divinity's Wikia for more detailed information.

That's how it works for all Skills/Abilitys in Divinity.