When is the earliest point you can learn Saria’s Song


So, I just tried going to the Sacred Meadow directly after getting the Fairy Ocarina and Saria wasn't there. Do I absolutely have to talk to Darunia before she'll appear, and teach me Saria's Song, and then return to Darunia to play it for him?

Or does she appear, say, after meeting Zelda? Then you could play Saria's Song on your first meeting.

Best Answer

I believe after you learn Zelda's lullaby and get transported out of the castle you are able to get Saria's song, although I was unable to find any proof of this on the wiki, this is coming straight from memory.

Update 6/13/17:

I finally got around to doing another playthrough of this game and I tried to get the song before going to the castle but was unsuccessful. I was successful in getting it immediately after talking to Impa about Death Mountain, so I think it's safe to say that that is indeed the earliest point you can learn it.