Where do Nintendo ROMs (GBC/GBA) come from


I was wondering, who created the ROMs for GBA and GBC emulators? Are they "converted" from the actual games or are they created from scratch trying to recreate the game? I think the first one, otherwise it would be insane.. And if it's the first one, who could do that? Some engineers inside Nintendo or just some random dude?

P.S.: I'm not interested in a guide or how-to, just a general information to understand the situation.

Best Answer

The information will be kept general and unlinked here for obvious reasons, but there are pieces of equipment that can accept a GBA cartridge, and then connect to a PC. That would allow read access to a cartridge, and depending on the cart you can write to some as well. You might imagine it a bit like an SD card reader, except cartridges only contain one large blob of data, not any filesystem or such. ROMs are usually just dumps of the cartridge contents to disk using such a device, but it is also possible to write and compile your own, and with a "blank" cart to write to you can use one to test and develop your own games for the GBA as well.