Where’s the best place to farm the Behind Closed Doors challenge


In Splinter Cell Conviction, you can earn some P.E.C. points by killing 50 enemies whom you've marked while using a mirror or a snake camera from behind a closed door. It is massively annoying to use the snake cam on every door in hopes of finding one or two enemies behind it. How can I get this challenge out of the way as quickly as possible?

Best Answer

During the mission White Box Laboratories, you will use an elevator, after you leave it you will immediately come to a door behind which are 5 enemies - 4 in front of the door and 1 to the left. Crouch and roll to the door (don't run, you'll tip them off), use the snake camera on the door and mark all the 4 nearby mercs (or if you don't have a stored execution, instead of marking the closest merc mark the one on the left). Smash the door and use the portable EMP, then execute them (or use a takedown on the unmarked merk, then execute the rest). Reload checkpoint and do it again until you get the challenge.

You will need an upgraded Five-seveN pistol to mark 4 targets, luckily there is a crate which can be used to equip and upgrade the pistol.