Which shops are best for buying/selling in Star Trek Online


I have an inventory and bank full of items and I have gone back and forth between various traders… however… there are just too many traders and I have seen so many different prices.

How can I know in advance where I will get the best price for items?

Are some traders better for some and others better for others?

And next, buying – again, too many traders to know! … I have managed to find one site/guide that lists various items, however, is there any general advice I should know?

Best Answer

To be perfectly honest, when you get to the higher levels, energy credits become kinda a secondary thought, you'll have more than you ever really need even with just replicate-recycling stuff on your ship.

You'll be getting a lot of crap you won't be using that will still replicate for ~10K credits once you hit upper half real admiral.