Why does short pressing the left shift key switch the view mode in addition to increasing the throttle


When flying a spaceship if I press left shift briefly and let go immediately it beeps1 and switches the view mode2 in addition increasing the throttle. If I long press it it just increases the throttle as expected.

Why does it take me into IVA view in addition to adjusting the throttle and how do I make it stop?

I thought it might have to do with Karabiner interfering with KSP but I disabled it and the issue still occurs.

I'm running OS X 10.11.3.

Here are the plugins I have installed in case they're relevant somehow:

  • KerbalAlarmClock
  • Docking Port Alignment Indicator
  • KerbalEngineer
  • EditorExtensions

1As in a "you can't do that right now" beep.

2i.e. if I was looking at my ship then it switches to IVA.

Best Answer

I eventually tracked this down to the "Instant Send" functionality in LaunchBar which apparently uses shift as it's default hotkey. I suspect that it uses command-C to copy to the clipboard as part of its implementation which was causing the issue. I disabled this and everything is back to normal.