World-of-warcraft – a good PvP Horde race for Warlocks in World of Warcraft

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I would like to know the benefits each race would have to my warlock. I plan on doing a lot of pvp, so that's my first priority.

I don't yet own the full game, so I can only get to lvl 20 (if that matters).
Thanks for any help!

Best Answer

Let's start by summarizing what each race will bring to the table, leaving out the racials that are irrelevant or largely useless to a PvP warlock:

In PvP burst damage is king, so the standout abilities (on paper) are the Orc's spell power or the Troll's haste abilities. The Undead's ability to remove charm/fear/sleep is also very useful, but there are items you can easily obtain which can do the same thing.

I'd be less inclined to choose Blood Elf or Goblin because I don't really view their racials as useful in PvP (again, as a Warlock), but honestly, you can excel at PvP with any race. It largely comes down to flavor and personal choice.