World-of-warcraft – How to equip dual weapons via a hotkey in WoW

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I'm playing a rogue and have two daggers I'd like to be able to equip via hotkeys. If I put a dagger each in hotkey 4 and 5 and I hit '4' then '5' it equips each into my main hand. How do I get one into my main and one into my off-hand?

Best Answer

You need a macro to equip the weapons to a specific slot. You didn't provide the names of your daggers, so this is the best I can offer:

/equipslot 16 *name of main hand dagger*
/equipslot 17 *name of off hand dagger*


You don't actually need to use both lines in a single macro -- you could have one macro to switch off-hand daggers, and another one to switch main-hand daggers, but switching them at the same times has the benefit of not resetting your swing timer twice (which swapping weapons does. No problems if you're swapping while not in combat)