World-of-warcraft – What spells can be cast while silenced

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I've noticed that, while silenced, certain spells can still be cast, such as Divine Shield. What other spells can be cast while silenced?

Best Answer

Only spells that grant spell (or total) immunity and have a mana (e.g. not rage, energy or focus) cost associated with them.

Examples are:

  • Most Warrior, Hunter (and pet) and Rogue abilities (don't use mana as a resource)
  • Divine shield, Ice Block (grant immunity), Dispersion
  • All Totems except Spirit Link
  • Barkskin, Aura Mastery
  • Any zero-cost abilities, such as active racials, mounts (including paladin and warlock mounts) and items.

It is also worth baring in mind that silencing a Frost Mage will not prevent Water Elemental casts.