Xbox – connect a PAL Xbox 360 to a PC TFT LCD monitor


Can all flat panel TFT LCD monitors decode both PAL and NTSC? I have a PAL Xbox 360 and I am now living in America. When I connect it to my TV, it shows only in black and white.

So, I would like to try to connect it to a PC monitor. But, before I splash out the cash to buy the cable to connect my Xbox 360 to my monitor, I would like to know if it works?

And, regional issues I should be worried about?

Best Answer

Your monitor won't care about PAL or NTSC. As for connecting it to your TV, you could find out if your TV has the option of swapping between PAL and NTSC.

As for regional issues, there will be some potential issues but this chart should provide you with enough information to help decide on what games to buy from where.