Xbox – Should using VGA output be degrading performance and framerate


I stoped playing my Xbox 360 on HDMI because I connected it with a PC monitor which doesn't have HDMI, it only has VGA. I already know that I will not have that image quality, but the problem I faced is different. The performance or the framerate was very very low in some highly detailed games like GTA V.

Is there a difference between HDMI and the original port of the Xbox 360 in regards to performance and framerate?

Best Answer


The same VGA cable can be used with a variety of supported VGA resolutions, ranging from 640×350px @70 Hz (24 MHz of signal bandwidth) to 1280×1024px (SXGA) @85 Hz (160 MHz) and up to 2048×1536px (QXGA) @85 Hz (388 MHz)

so your cable and monitor are likely to support high frame/refresh rates, at least 1080p@60